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The Gender Expansion Workshop

Updated: Jun 7

The Gender Expansion is an interactive and reflective team workshop that will broaden participants' understandings of gender. Through early childhood pedagogy, participants will gain practical skills to support all children’s well-being through practices that improve gender equality and gender diversity outcomes. The workshop is best delivered in person due to its interactive design but can be delivered online if need be.

The program is comprised of two parts: Belief and Practice. Belief is of a general nature; Practice is specific to early childhood education. Belief can be delivered as its own workshop, but the Practice workshop needs to follow the Belief workshop. You cannot change practice without first addressing belief!

This workshop can be adapted to suit the time possibilities for your service.

Get in touch to see how we can work together.

The programs include:


  • Unpacking current beliefs of gender and how these influence practice

  • An exploration of the different perspectives of gender throughout history, across cultures and the natural world

  • Separating sex and the different spectrums of gender

  • Learning to identify and disrupt gender stereotypes in practice and play

  • Gender diversity and its relevance to early childhood education


  • Forms of gender education and how to recognise and make changes to practice

  • Working with families and managing differences of opinion

  • Practical steps for creating safe spaces to support the gender development of all children

  • A guest speaker, sharing the impact early years services had on her child who is transgender.

Participant Testimonials

"Ariel is a wealth of knowledge, an awesome PD... well worth having her speak for our team"

"It provoked some deep conversations within the staff upon completion and I feel it will be very beneficial to our ongoing practice"

"FANTASTIC! Practical, everything explained and lots of opportunity to interact/comment"

"Really fantastic workshop that I would highly recommend to all people in the early years education sector (and probably outside it as well)"

"Ariel was very approachable and related the content to our work, leaving me feel like they understood what we actually do each day, compared to other presenters"

The Gender Expansion Workshop is now available on the menus for both the Victorian School Readiness Funding as well as the Queensland Kindy Uplift programs!

It also meets the NSW Accreditation criteria for elective PD.

Use the form below or email for a quote or more information.

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