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Consulting for Gender Inclusive Early Years Education

Ariel Liddicut (she/her/they) is an experienced Early Childhood Teacher with a passion for creating inclusive communities where children are supported to be their authentic selves.

As a PhD candidate, she researches how best to create spaces where children are free to express their true gendered selves and uses this knowledge to support other teachers to improve the inclusivity of their practice.

About Me

My Services

One on one

Individual coaching for Early Childhood Teachers, Educators and Leaders to improve gender flexible pedagogy. Working within an anti-bias framework creating educational experiences that support the gender identity development of all children.
Options for working together online or in person.


The Gender Expansion Workshop is designed especially for Early Childhood services. It aims to improve your teams' capacity to support the gender identity development of all children through gender equality and gender diversity outcomes.

Read more about The Gender Expansion here

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"There’s no such thing as neutral education. Education either functions as an instrument to bring about conformity or freedom"

Paulo Freire

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