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Finalist in the 2021 Victorian Early Years Awards

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Early Childhood Teacher of the Year

Passionate about quality early education, early childhood teacher Ariel Liddicut from Grovedale Child and Family Centre, believes the basis of a more equitable and kinder society is one that respects the diversity and uniqueness of both individuals and the environment. Currently studying a Master of Education, Ariel has focused on growing her skills in supporting gender expansive children and their families. Sharing her learning and significant expertise in this area, she is collaborating and sharing information with teachers and educators working in other early childhood services to support gender fluid and expansive children and their families, in turn supporting these children's wellbeing, unique identity and sense of belonging. Equally dedicated to the protection of the environment, Ariel uses her classroom to teach children and their families about the importance of being good custodians of the land, delivering well-researched, practical and lifelong lessons. In addition, she is successfully mentoring other early childhood services to build their capacity to provide environmentally sustainable teaching practices and service habits.

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